Best Sewing Machines For Beginners Buyer’s Guide

Take a look at the top rated sewing machines below. We provide a detailed review so you can select the best machine for your use. There are several things to think about before you invest in your first sewing machine. We list these things down below that should be considered and decided before you purchase and are instrumental in helping to steer you to the right sewing machine for your skill level.

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When looking at all the different models and determining what would be the most beneficial, we took a few things into consideration. Each of these were sought out for every model, and we tried to mention for each machine what the opinion is.

  • How Well the Machine Sews Through Numerous Layers of Materials (Feed dog adjustments)
  • The Accuracy of A Completed Buttonhole (room for error)
  • Basic Stitching Capability on Heavy Materials (Look for bunching and drop feed problems)
  • Buttonhole Creation: How Difficult This Option Is To Use (a 1 step or 4 step system)
  • How Well A Bound Seam Is Sewn By The Machine (if stitches stayed true or not)
  • How Easy It Is To Thread and How Long It Will Take To Thread The Machine (auto threading)
  • How Easy It Is To Change A Presser Foot (snap on or screw in place options)
  • Overall Cost Versus Features (is the cost worth what you get?)
  • Changing Needles: Ease and Time to Complete
  • Ease of Use For Different Skill Levels (what skill level is required to use it?)
  • Types of Projects That Can Be Completed (straight sewing, quilting, free arm)
  • The Most Frequently Used Features